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Welcome to the Wild West of Influencer Marketing

Welcome to the Wild West of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a topic that is brought up at most meetings these days, and while it has been the core principle of a public-relations approach (third-party endorsement) it is fast becoming a channel of choice for many agencies, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

Why is it becoming fashionable to talk about it? Because at first glance, it looks an easier way to build brand recommendation far more quickly than creating branded content on owned channels. Because it gets a brand in front of an engaged audience that hangs on every word and recommendation from their influencer of choice.

The reality, however, is that influencer marketing is not a quick fix. There are lots of challenges in creating effective campaigns and lots of variables to think about.

Choosing the correct influencer is key. Knowing how engaged and interested the influencer’s community will be in a brand is critical. Having a huge number of followers means a potential less targeted campaign, which is why many brands are choosing to work with a higher number of influencers with a lower but more engaged and appropriate audience. View Full Article >>


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