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The 10 Golden Rules Successful Social Media Managers Live By

The 10 Golden Rules Successful Social Media Managers Live By

By Brian Peters

I was a bit nervous before writing this post because there are so many possible golden rules for social media managers.

I wondered, how could I ever hone in on the most important ones?

From golden rules like setting proper social media goals to truly understanding consumer behavior and implementing that into your marketing strategy, this post could have taken on a variety of shapes and forms.

But then I realized, social media managers are in the market of verbs. Our entire careers are based on verbs: share, comment, measure, post, create, solve, design, write, Snap, etc. Verbs govern the rules for social media managers and propel us to amazing places.

So without further ado, here are 10 golden rules for social media managers explained through verbs.

Let’s go!

10 Golden Rules for Social Media Managers

1. Communicate

The word “communicate” comes from the latin word “communis” which is also the origin of the word “community.” Communication and community are essential to social media managers’ daily tasks as it helps you to build a loyal audience.

The key to the golden rule of communicate is to communicate with your audience and not at your audience. Communicate transparently, honestly, and genuinely with every post and response on social media. Over time, doing so will build trust with your audience. They will look to you as a source of reputable information and guidance.

Golden Rule #1 - Rules for Social Media: Communicate

Action point: Give your audience a voice

One thing you can do to work on communication today is to give your audience a voice and allow them to share their opinions openly and candidly. Recently we experimented with an AMA (ask marketing anything) post recently to give our audience the opportunity to do just that. Other brands like have built online communities where audience members can interact and share ideas.

What are ways that you can give your audience a voice? View Full Article >>

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