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Research, React, Repurpose: The 3 R’s of Better Social Customer Engagement

Research, React, Repurpose: The 3 R’s of Better Social Customer Engagement

By Richard Sunley

Social media now informs every aspect of the buyer’s journey—from first learning about a brand right through to post-purchase.

Whether we’re looking for a new car or complaining about poor customer service, we’re increasingly turning to social media to do it.

Take the example of the travel industry. In 2014, over 80 percent of travellers used social networks for inspiration when researching hotels or vacation destinations, according to a Google travel study.

On the one hand, this is great for brands. With a direct link to customers, brands have more ways than ever of connecting with and understanding their audience. But on the flip side, there’s now so much data and so many touchpoints that keeping track and staying up to speed is pretty challenging.

So how can brands benefit rather than getting burned?

At Talkwalker, our expertise is social media analytics and the analysis of online data, so naturally we always think data can help. Through our work with clients in industries ranging from food and hospitality to software and finance, we’ve identified three key elements—three R’sthat help our clients make the most of social data for customer engagement.

The 3 R’s of customer engagement using social data

1. Research—know your community

Researching your audience, community, and potential customers has always been an important part of business. But with social media, the number of people publicly talking about your brand or industry has exponentially increased and the way that people talk and express themselves is changing too.

Our client, digital agency Lion & Lion, uses Talkwalker to analyze social media data around the coffee lover community for coffee brand Nescafe Dolce Gusto. View Full Article>>

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