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How This Digital Agency Drives Revenue from Social Media (and How You Can Too)

How This Digital Agency Drives Revenue from Social Media (and How You Can Too)

Written by Kevan Lee

You might’ve heard the advice that your call-to-action should have one job, your email subject line one job, your blog post one job.

Focus, with online marketing, is key.

Turns out focus has a wonderful effect on building a business and driving results.

Gather Social, a digital agency based in Nottingham, UK, takes this focused approach with every new client they bring on. The single thing that Gather Social wants to achieve for you on social media is an impact to your bottom line revenue.

And this focus has paid off!

Gather Social was profitable within its first year of existence, and they retain 90 percent of the clients they work with. Sam and Paul of Gather Social were kind to chat with us about the way they approach social media, the tools and systems they’ve built, and the workflows that have made the biggest impact for them.


Kevan, Buffer:

How might you approach a social media strategy for a client? How does social media fit within what you offer at Gather Social?

Paul Gordon, Gather Social:

Although we’re technically a marketing agency, we’re primarily focused on sales for people. Obviously, there’s a big thing in the social media industry about being social on social media, butwe really approach things from a traditional sales and marketing perspective where social media channels are the marketing channels that we can communicate directly with potential customers.

For our clients, although there is obviously the social aspect of social media in there somewhere, the primary focus is always about sales. It might sound quite careless, but it’s always about what they’re trying to sell and what message they’re trying to get across and then getting that across to as many people on social media in the most efficient way possible. View Full Article >>

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