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How to Get Your Team Using Your CRM Software

How to Get Your Team Using Your CRM Software

By Brad Shimp

CRM software can provide a powerful lift for your small business. Used correctly, you can build highly useful contact profiles and shine a light on the contacts who need your attention right now.

The true power of a CRM for a small business comes when the whole team is on board and using it every day. This is because each person at your company may have interactions with and insight into your contacts. If everyone is not using the CRM, you will be stuck with information gaps.

Too busy for CRM software

Excuses, excuses, excuses

The sad truth is, it’s often hard to get a whole group of people actively using your CRM software. There are a variety of excuses. These include, “I don’t have time”, “I don’t want to learn a new tool”, and “I’m too important.”

If your job is to get everyone using the CRM, you will need to figure out what everyone’s excuses are and then find answers for them. Once you remove the excuses, you can move forward toward more organization, collaboration, and productivity.

Don’t dismiss excuses. Work to resolve them.

A classic excuse is the old sales rep standby, “I don’t have time to enter details into the CRM because I am too busy booking sales.” Well, yeah, that is a nice problem to have. But you can’t just dismiss this kind of excuse out of hand. The fact is, you should respect the time of your sales reps (and everyone else, too). So, to resolve this excuse, you need to make sure that what you ask them to do in the CRM software is simple and fits into their natural workflow.  View Full Article >>

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