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Brands Are Still Too Reliant on Engagement Metrics

Brands Are Still Too Reliant on Engagement Metrics

By Kimberlee Morrison

Social media marketers have been plagued with a number of problems in recent years, and it seems that many find it difficult to keep up with the changing objectives. The 2016 State of Social Marketing report from Simply Measured provides valuable insight into the areas marketers need to work on.

Some businesses are becoming more sophisticated in their understanding of how to leverage social media channels. However, 63 percent of businesses using social teams use them for marketing, 16 percent for communications, 5 percent within public relations departments and only 1 percent dedicate social media resources to customer support. Unfortunately, social customer service is definitely an area that continually lacks support, but it can bring great results when integrated into an overall strategy.

Social teams still remain very small. 71 percent of the 350 social media professionals surveyed have up to two employees working for them, while 27 percent have up to 10 people on the social media team. What’s more, social teams lack resources, according to the survey results, probably because businesses still struggle to understand and quantify the value of social media activities. View Full Article >>

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