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9 Actions Content Marketers Need to Do Right Now

9 Actions Content Marketers Need to Do Right Now

By Joe Pulizzi

As I write this I just finished a keynote presentation at a transportation and logistics conference. Depending on my schedule and timing, sometimes I just run in, do the speech, and run out. For this event, however, I had the chance to have intimate conversations with a number of marketers at the largest transportation brands in the world.

More often than not for my posts on CMI, I usually take one big idea and break it down into something actionable. This time, based on my conversations at this conference, I realized that sometimes we need a few reminders to keep us on track as content marketers. I hope this list is helpful.

1. Are you actually telling a different story? Is your content truly differentiated, or is it just like everyone else’s content?

ACTION ITEM: Perform an audit of your content for each of your target audiences. What’s your mission for each audience? If you delivered content consistently to that audience, can youposition your company as the leading expert in that particular topic area?

2. Are you consistent in your delivery channels? Is your newsletter delivered at the same time each week? How about your YouTube videos? What about your blog posts?

ACTION ITEM: Take the next few weeks and outline your current distribution schedule. If you are not consistent, adjust until you are predictably delivering information in every channel.

3. Give more time and attention to your newsletter. Is it truly amazing or is it something your customers consider “salesy” or spam? Of all the subscription options we have with our customers, including all social channels, email is where we have the most control over messaging.

ACTION ITEM: Make some hard decisions with your newsletter. Is it focused on just one audience? Is it truly valuable? Does it contain unique information that your audience can’t get anywhere else?

4. Do you know if your email subscribers behave differently than the other customers in your database?

ACTION ITEM: Start figuring out what the people who engage regularly with your content do differently than those who do not. This could be as easy as overlaying your audience database with your customer database. View Full Article >>

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