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8 reasons why you need a new website

8 Reasons Why You Need A New Website

8 reasons why you need a new website

Time for change?

My website is fine! Why would I want to waste the money on a new one? Have you heard someone say this recently? Worse, have you said it yourself? Now may be the best time to invest in a new website. Here are 8 reasons why you need a new website:

8 reasons why you need a new website

1. Site is all text and looks like it’s from the early 2000s

If I were to visit your website right now, would I see a page that was created in a program like Microsoft Word and somehow put online for the world to see? Did one of your sales reps create it over the weekend after ‘learning’ web design over a long weekend (to which I hope you paid him/her a nice bonus for doing so!). Either way, your site is old. It’s not taking advantage of so many online tools, features and elements that make websites function properly and help drive sales these days. Take a good look. If it looks old, it probably is – so it’s time for a facelift (and surgery more than likely).

2. Your site still animates and plays music

You’ve seen the websites. Heck, we’ve built several of them! When you visit the link, a snazzy animation plays with some musical greeting. The software used to create that was Flash. While Flash arguably has its place in website industry, this is not the greatest place to use it. For one, the search engines have a tough time finding any information contained in the animation.  And if your WHOLE WEBSITE is one big Flash file (lots of animation and little text), then it is definitely time to build a new site.

3. Your website is mostly about you and not your customer

For a long time, websites were all about you and/or your company and what you do well. Blogs now fill the void for personal websites and the niche they’re aiming for. But your website should now be written, optimized and focused on the client. If it’s about your awards, your pets and your big office – time for a change, bucko.

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