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How Effective Is Your Online Reputation Management?

How Effective Is Your Online Reputation Management?


Do you find that your business is struggling to generate new customers? When faced with such a daunting realization, it’s tough to even think twice about your online reputation. However, if online reputation management is not consistently on your to-do list, then your business is likely to run into problems.

The Internet Is the Most Important Influencer of Our Generation

How often do you allow someone else’s opinion to influence your decision making? Probably a lot, huh? Now imagine all the friends and relatives that have ever recommended a business to you, and multiply that by millions. That’s the reach that the internet has created in terms of influencing decisions.

81 percent of shoppers conduct online research before buying, and part of that research will involve analyzing the online reputation of relevant organizations. Surprisingly, consumers are just as likely to take the advice of strangers on the internet as they are from their own friends and family. 92 percent of consumers trust peer reviews over advertising, so you better believe that negative reviews can cause them to sway from your direction towards one of your competitors instead.

Online Reputation Is More Important Than You Think

You may call me crazy, but I’ll say it: Online reputation management is more important than digital marketing. You can perform all the SEO, social media, and paid search campaigns you want, but it only makes your negative reputation that much more visible. When such a high percentage of consumers research before they buy online, you can’t assume that potential customers aren’t going to look at your reviews.

A lot of companies chuck millions of dollars at digital marketing without even looking twice at their online reputation. If your business is plagued by nasty comments and reviews online, then you might as well be throwing all that money away. Without an effective strategy to guide you through reaching out to your happiest customers and ensuring that they are the most vocal, you could be turning away hundreds of potential customers every day. View Full Article >>

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