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What Was Your Proudest Social Media Moment?

What Was Your Proudest Social Media Moment?

By Dara Fontein

Perhaps you were walking your daughter down the aisle. Maybe you finally got the promotion you had been working so hard for. You might have just won your school’s spelling bee. Whatever your proudest moment was, it became a personal milestone and a standard by which you measure all other moments. Just like your other personal highlights, your proudest moments on social media have the power to give you the confidence that you’re doing something right. Social media and content marketers work tirelessly, so when they achieve their professional goals and those of the brand they’re representing, it’s a big deal!
We were curious about what our community’s proudest social media moments were, so took to Twitter to pose the question:

We got a variety of responses that all tell a story about the things that matter to social media professionals. Take a look at them below, and be sure to share your own proudest social media moment with us in the comments!

What is your proudest professional social media moment?

Reaching impressions milestones and achieving goals

No matter what your job is, you have goals and key performance indicators to gauge your success (or lack thereof). Having specific social media goals means that reaching these milestones feels even sweeter—and can be just the motivation you need to do even bigger and better things in the future.

While still a great feeling, gaining a high number of impressions or a certain number of followers can feel a bit aimless if you don’t know why you want these things. To help set direction for your social media strategy, and experience some more proud social media moments, it’s important to set solid goals. Our post How to Choose Strategic Goals for Your Social Media sStrategy advises that social media marketers:

  • Identify the broader marketing goals that could really benefit from social media
  • Identify their social media strengths
  • Only choose goals that are measurable
  • Make sure their goals are attainable

The above Tweet sharing a proud social media moment from user @amorrispr (whether intentionally a goal or not) is a great example of how you can achieve a goal. Morris had a specific campaign that she was tweeting about (International Museum Day), a numeric measurement of success (3,000 impressions), and a timeframe (24 hours). A combination of indicators such as these can ensure that you know exactly what you’re working for as you pave your way to another proud social media moment.

Building meaningful relationships

As a social media marketer, it can be easy to forget that you are trying to connect with actual human beings, not just purchasing robots. You need to think of each follower as a comprehensive member of your community, not just a faceless customer. You don’t necessarily need huge gaggles of fans and awards, as mentioned by Twitter user @FordPortRichey, but a solid online community. View Full Article >>

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