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What Marketers Can Learn From 3 Creative Facebook Ads

What Marketers Can Learn From 3 Creative Facebook Ads

By: Dara Fontein

They know you better than you know yourself, they’re always there when you need them, and they know exactly what you want. Of course, we’re talking about Facebook ads.

We all know the feeling of being annoyed and interrupted by advertisements, but there are a number of highly creative and clever Facebook ads that can make you forget that they’re trying to sell you something.

There are, however, right and wrong ways of creating Facebook ads. To help ensure you stay on the best path, we took a look at three brands who are doing Facebook advertising right.

Lessons from 3 creative Facebook ads

Absolut Vodka

Key learning: Use Facebook ads to showcase your brand voice

As a brand established in 1879, Absolut Vodka knows who they are, and they know who their audience is.

When Absolut wanted to promote their new Spark bottle, a glittering and illuminated limited edition bottle, they decided to create a series of Facebook ads to achieve their main goal of sparking interest and driving awareness surrounding the product.

Along with Facebook’s Creative Shop, Absolut “designed a series of vibrant videos that played to a trendy, high-energy crowd while giving a nod to the brand’s iconic advertising past.” The video ads can be seen on the Facebook Business Success Stories page.

To make the campaign successful, Absolut needed to make sure that they were creating their ads in alignment with their strong brand voice, and they needed to consider their audience demographics (ages, geographic location, etc.), and their interests.

As described by Facebook’s Success Stories page, “The team used Facebook’stargeting tools to reach shoppers 21 to 49 living within 18 focus states, who typically buy alcohol and drink on-premises, have expressed interest in distilled spirits and typically order specific brands.” View Entire Article>>

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