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23 Brilliant Twitter Cover Photo Examples From Real Brands

23 Brilliant Twitter Cover Photo Examples From Real Brands

 Written by Lindsay Kolowich

What do you think to yourself when you see someone’s Twitter avatar is the default image of an egg? Chances are, you probably assume they are either inactive, a fake account, or someone not worth following.

While almost all businesses understand that the egghead approach isn’t doing them any justice, they often fail to understand that a plain, flat Twitter cover photo can be equally as off-putting to potential followers.

Think about it: Would you rather engage with a company that has a header image featuring a dozen of their happiest employees working together on a cool project, or one that relies on a plain blue rectangle to do the talking?

Download our pre-sized Twitter cover photo template here to create a brilliant header photo of your own. 

Despite the prominent placement and size (the Twitter cover photo dimensions are 500 pixels tall by 1500 pixels wide), far too many companies are underutilizing this opportunity to express themselves. We think all they need is a little inspiration.

To give you a better sense of what a Twitter header photo done right looks like, we’ve put together a list of some of the best examples from companies around the world. Check them out.

23 of the Best Twitter Headers From Real Companies

1) Uber


When Uber rebranded in February 2016, they wrote about how their new look and feel is meant to celebrate two main things: 1) technology, and 2) the cities they serve. Their cover photo is a smart, well designed visual reflection of both these core values.

Like their app, website, and other parts of their visual brand, the cover photo is represented by bright colors and geometric patterns. All of your communications and marketing assets tell their brand’s story — and brand consistency is one tactic Uber’s nailed in order to gain brand loyalty.

2) Canva


Canva is an easy-to-use design app, and everything about their cover photo supports their brand. For one, it encourages even non-designers to be creative, thereby encouraging tentative customers to use their products. It’s also fun, friendly, and colorful, all of which are characteristics consistent throughout their web presence. Finally, and most importantly, it was probably made using Canva, which lets you create simple designs using images, text, and objects. Overall, very well done.

3) Target


Target’s creative cover photo is almost so mesmerizing that we don’t want to look away. Both the red and white pattern and the two girls’ red and white outfits perfectly compliment their signature target logo, making for a visually interesting look and feel. We’re giving Target an A+ for coordination.

4) SlideShare


The collage SlideShare created for their header photo is an interesting way to show off what people can expect to see on the social presentation platform. While collage formats can sometimes appear cluttered, they managed to arrange this image strategically so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Not to mention, this approach doubles as a way for them to delight their users by highlighting real presentations for the whole Twittersphere to see.

5) British Airways


British Airways’ cover photo is perfectly simple. While the high quality image of the plane dominates most of the space, our favorite part is on that left-hand side: the names of their other social media accounts. By including these, they are essentially opening up the door for Twitter users to follow their business on their preferred platform.

6) Taco Bell


Ahh, Taco Bell, the social media darling marketers can’t help but love. They’re rocking almost every social platform imaginable: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat. And while this Twitter header is fairly simple, we love that it’s consistent with their other social media accounts, such as their Facebook cover photo below.


Plus, they always use fun, bright colors to create a unique, thematic experience across all of their accounts. This is a great trick for anyone looking to enhance their brand consistency.

7) Netflix


Netflix’s Twitter header image is a great example of a brand that knows how to capitalize on this prominently placed visual space. Here, they use the space to promote one of their latest shows. And honestly, who doesn’t love a good Netflix recommendation?

We also love how they’ve aligned across their international accounts on the same promotions. Check out the variations below from four different areas of the world to see how their cover photo has been translated consistently.





8) Animoto


When someone new arrives on your Twitter profile, something about your profile needs to compel them to stick around. If they can’t easily figure out what your company does, you risk losing them pretty quickly. Why not tell them right in your cover photo? Animoto uses that precious real estate — the very first place that draws the eye on your Twitter profile — to nail their value proposition. While they reiterate what they do in their Twitter description, putting it right out there in an attractive visual is a great way to communicate that value prop faster.

9) Basecamp


For those of us who don’t have professional or stock photography at our disposal, here’s a great example to inspire you. Basecamp, a project management software company, doesn’t have a product that’s easy to showcase through photos, either. Instead, they use a collection of icons to portray what the company does. The checkmarks, conversation bubbles, and to-do lists all lead back to a single theme: productivity.

10) RioTinto


The colorful high-definition image RioTinto uses for their cover photo catches the eye right away. And while the massive machinery is impressive, what we’re most interested in is the inclusion of one of their employees. Aware that people want to do business with other people, it’s great to see RioTinto spotlighting one of the faces behind their business to provide a personal touch. View Full Article >>

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